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Hair Cream, Natural Matte Finish.

Perfect for natural, textured styles. Water based so washes out easily, our concentrated formula allows a light to strong hold depending on your needs.

Hair Cream 120ml

regular. €25.00

Hair Cream 60ml

travel. €20.00

Hair Cream 30ml

small. €15.00

Hair Cream 500ml

large. €85.00

Hair Cream 15ml

pocket. €10.00

Pomade, High Shine Finish.

Perfect for pomps, slick-backs & classic styles. Water based so washes out easily, our highly concentrated formula allows a light to strong hold depending on your needs.

Pomade 120ml

regular. €25.00

Pomade 60ml

travel. €20.00

Pomade 30ml

small. €15.00

Pomade 500ml

large. €85.00

Pomade 15ml

pocket. €10.00

Beard Balm, Non-Greasy, Non-Shine.

Soften, control and condition hearty beards & short stubble facial hair. Acts as a moisturiser to soothe and hydrate the skin including dry hands. Contains aloe vera and avocado oil, wheat germ and virgin olive oil. Highly concentrated formula, so only a small amount needed.

Beard Balm 120ml

regular. €30.00

Beard Balm 60ml

travel. €20.00

Beard Balm 30ml

small. €15.00

Beard Balm 500ml

large. €125.00

Beard Balm 15ml

pocket. €10.00

Hair, Face & Body Wash, Cleanse & Condition.

Infused with our signature scent, No.17, and is totally sulphate-free. The hydrating and conditioning formula gently cleanses your hair, face, body and hearty beard.

Wash 100ml

travel. €15.00

Wash 200ml

regular. €23.00

Wash 1 Litre

large. €60.00

The Signature Selection, Our Scent & Accessories

The Pomp & Co. Signature Selection, led by our Eau De Parfum, Pomp & Co. No.17, the collection is refined & gentle, yet notably fresh, & authentically masculine.

No.17 Perfume

regular. €70.00


travel. €45.00



Thoroughly tried & tested, all Pomp & Co. products have been put through their paces, in our barbershop, by generations of master barbers. Only the very finest formulas make it into our range, with our seal of approval.