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Item SKU Price Qty
Pomade 60ml
Box of 6
POM_60ML_X6 ‚ā¨102.93 ‚ā¨102.93
Pomade 120ml
Box of 6
POM_120ML_X6 ‚ā¨129.51 ‚ā¨129.51
Hair Cream 120ml
Box of 6
MATT_120ML_X6 ‚ā¨129.51 ‚ā¨129.51
Beard Balm 60ml
Box of 6
BEARD_60ML_X6 ‚ā¨114.77 ‚ā¨114.77
Beard Balm 15ml
Box of 24
BEARD_15ML_X24 ‚ā¨236.28 ‚ā¨236.28
Hair Cream 15ml
Box of 24
MATT_15ML_X24 ‚ā¨216.30 ‚ā¨216.30
Pomade 15ml
Box of 24
POM_15ML_X24 ‚ā¨216.30 ‚ā¨216.30
Hair, Face & Body Wash 100ml
Box of 12
WASH_100ML_X12 ‚ā¨180.08 ‚ā¨180.08
Hair, Face & Body Wash 200ml
Box of 12
WASH_200ML_X12 ‚ā¨240.08 ‚ā¨240.08
Hair, Face & Body Wash 1 Litre
Box of 6
WASH_1000ML_X6 ‚ā¨291.51 ‚ā¨291.51
No.17 Parfum
Box of 6
PER17_50ML_X6 ‚ā¨318.96 ‚ā¨318.96
Salted Tonic Spray 100ml
Box of 9
TONIC_100ML_X9 ‚ā¨139.00 ‚ā¨139.00
Barber Grade Hand Sanitiser 100ml
Box of 9
SANITISER_100ML_X9 ‚ā¨101.47 ‚ā¨101.47
Charcoal Body Bar Soap 120g
Box of 10
SOAP_C_120G_X10 ‚ā¨159.80 ‚ā¨159.80
Aloe Hair Gel 75ml (Wholelsale)
Box of 6
GEL_75ML_X6 ‚ā¨131.10 ‚ā¨131.10
Barber Cape
Single item
BARBER_CAPE ‚ā¨35.71 ‚ā¨35.71
Beard Kit Bundle

BEARD_KIT ‚ā¨42.28 ‚ā¨42.28
Shine Bundle - Wholesale

SHINE_KIT ‚ā¨40.65 ‚ā¨40.65
Pocket Comb

COMB_X20 ‚ā¨28.46 ‚ā¨28.46
Beard Oil 30ml (Wholesale NEW)
Box of 12
OIL_30ML_X12 ‚ā¨259.80 ‚ā¨259.80
Face Serum 30ml (Wholesale NEW)
Box of 12
SERUM_30ML_X12 ‚ā¨259.80 ‚ā¨259.80
Hair Cream 500ml - Limited Edition

MATT_500ML ‚ā¨72.36 ‚ā¨72.36
Pomade 500ml (Limited Edition) - Wholesale

POM_500ML ‚ā¨72.36 ‚ā¨72.36
SHAVE CR√ąME Box of 6
from ‚ā¨126.77
25ml Box of 6
SHAVE_25ML_X12 ‚ā¨126.77 ‚ā¨126.77
100ml Box of 6
SHAVE_100ML_X12 ‚ā¨126.77 ‚ā¨243.84
1000ml Box of 6
SHAVE_1000ML_X6 ‚ā¨126.77 ‚ā¨1,062.97
Toiletries Dopp Kit - BLUE
Single item
WASHBAG_BLUE ‚ā¨35.10 ‚ā¨35.10
Toiletries Dopp Kit - GREEN
Single item
WASHBAG_GREEN ‚ā¨35.10 ‚ā¨35.10
Travel Toiletries Dopp Kit - Beard & Body
Single item
WASHBAG_GREEN_BK ‚ā¨78.34 ‚ā¨78.34
Travel Toiletries Dopp Kit - Hair & Body
Single item
WASHBAG_BLUE_HK ‚ā¨67.53 ‚ā¨67.53
Travel Toiletries Dopp Kit - Shave & Body
Single item
WASHBAG_GREEN_SK ‚ā¨81.06 ‚ā¨81.06
Brass Coin - Pomp Shield
Pack of 10
COIN_X10 ‚ā¨178.78 ‚ā¨178.78
Pomp Pin x10 pack
Pack of 10
PIN_X10 ‚ā¨67.62 ‚ā¨67.62


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